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Booking information and charges

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Booking prices

Below are the charges for renting 'Becalmed at Bovisand'.

Charges are for a maximum of 4 people and are inclusive of electricity and parking (there is no gas).

For availability telephone 0759 941 1748 or email or complete the enquiry form on the contact page.

2019/2020 prices:


Price 7 Nights

Price 3 Nights


































PETS: Small, well behaved dogs are welcome on payment of an additional £50 per week.

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Form to make a booking

Click on the form below which will open up an editable Microsoft Word document which you can complete and return. If you have any problems opening this document, ie if you don't own a copy of microsoft Word, there is also a pdf version of the form below which you can download and print out.

booking for word version

booking for pdf version

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The Chalet reservation is accepted on the following conditions:

1 The self catering chalet will be available from 2 pm on the day of arrival.

2 Visitors are required to vacate the Chalet, leaving it clean and tidy, by 10 am on the day of departure. Please ensure all dishes are cleaned prior to departure.

3 The guest shall be responsible for the proper behaviour and safety of all guests to the Chalet.

4 In the event of complaints from other Chalet owners the right to ask all occupant to leave the private park is reserved.

5 A £100 booking fee (non refundable) to be paid on booking.

6 Only persons stated on the Booking Form will be allowed to occupy the Chalet

7 The balance of the payment is due 6 weeks before the arrival date.

8 In the event of cancellation of the booking after the final balance has been paid, 20% of the cost will be forfeited for every week that has elapsed inside the final six week period.

9 Bedding, a tea towel, a bath towel and hand towel are provided per guest but no beach towels.

10 Visitors will be required to pay for any loss or damage to the Chalet, furniture or equipment provided.

11 Parking for one car exists adjacent to the Chalet. Additional vehicles are subject to the normal visitor charges and conditions of Bovisand Park.

12 The owner shall not be held liable should the Chalet not be available due to circumstances beyond his control. In such circumstances, the deposit and all other payments will be refunded in full.

13 The person booking the Chalet will be responsible for the supervision and safety of their guests. No children or dogs should be allowed to be left unsupervised at any time.

14 No compensation will be considered for any problem not brought to the attention of the owner immediately the issue arises during the period of occupation – this in order to provide an opportunity for the problem to be resolved without delay so that there is minimum disruption to your stay.

15 Charges include electricity and heating.

PLEASE NOTE - There is no gas at the chalet.

Visitors are reminded that ‘Becalmed’ is situated in a private park where the majority of the chalets are private. Please respect the privacy and enjoyment of others.

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